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Fast & Friendly Downtown Los Angeles Computer Repairs Done Right the First Time!

Mac & PC Repairs

Expert computer technicians will come to your home or office to fix your computer right the first time or your money back. Call (213) 985-2786

Got a Virus or Spyware?

We have a 99.9% success record for virus and spyware removal. Call us now to remove your virus and speed up your computer.

Security Experts

We will lock down your security on your network or computer to prevent hackers from getting in and stealing your passwords and other sensitive data.

Need More Speed?

Our expert computer techs will come to your place and optimize your computer so it starts up faster, runs smoother with an overall performance tune up.

Here at Downtown Los Angeles Computer Repair, our specialty is in-home computer service and office computer repair. Because we do not have to pay for an expensive store front, we can pass the savings on to you, our loyal customer. Besides, who wants to lug their computers around and wait for days to get something fixed? With our home computer repair services, your PC and Mac computer, laptop, network, hardware and software problems will be fixed promptly by a dedicated computer repair expert with years of experience and a solid work ethic.

Another advantage of our at-home computer service is response time. If you call us by 12 p.m., we will arrive in 4 hours or less. In many cases, we will complete your repair accurately and efficiently that very day. We also offer emergency on-site small business IT support. If you have an urgent situation and need a solution immediately we offer two ways to help you:

1.    Remote connection: In many cases, if you have a high-speed internet connection, we can connect to your computer in minutes and solve your problem fast. Home and office virus removal, spyware & adware removal, software installation troubleshooting, and many other computer support services can quickly and safely be performed remotely. Even better is the price for this service; only $30 for the first 15 minutes (our minimum charge) and $1 per minute thereafter. So a 30 minute session only cost you $45. That is an incredible value!

2.    Immediate response: we will drop everything and put you to the top of the queue and arrive in 45 – 90 minutes. In many cases there is no extra charge, it just depends on our schedule and routing that day. Please ask a PC Fixer IT consulting expert what the going rate is for an emergency service appointment. Call today for the fastest professional computer and laptop repair in Los Angeles! (213) 985-2786

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355 S. Grand Ave. Suite 2450 Los Angeles CA 90071
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